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Credit: Thos Robinson / Stringer We would NEVER usually be in Buzzfeed's corner, however, after seeing chief-in-editor of Buzzfeed, Ben Smith, prove his organization is more honest then CNN it seems only fair to give them some credit. Watch Brian Stelter claim CNN never reported...
We are just so happy that Natalie Allman woke up bright and early to come in for Allman in the Morning! Thank you for the donuts! Check out Natalie's photography skills:
Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff We are so happy to have the wonderful people from Bikers for Trump in our corner for Trump's inauguration. Build that wall of meat ya'll! Watch Chris Cox, The founder of Bikers For Trump, below:
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images By day Pavel Fesyuk is an exterminator and by night he's a cage fighter. Pavel works for Town and Country Pest Solutions, a family-owned business in Rochester, New York, that follows a simple rule: “Love God, Love People, Serve Others, Tell...
Credit: Joe Raedle / Staff CIA outgoing director John Brennan said Trump's comments about the U.S. intelligence community are "outrageous" in an interview with "Fox News Sunday" Chris Wallace. Listen to Wallace press Brennan and get the truth out of him below: