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Watch a Local News Anchor Struggle Through a Report on the Britney Spears Announcement

Pretty great stuff

All the fanfare surrounding BRITNEY SPEARS' big Las Vegas announcement went down in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, BEFORE sunrise.

 And that made for at least ONE amusing report.

COURTNEY FRIEL, an anchor at KTLA in L.A, was sent out to do a live-stream report on the happenings . . . but she spent most of the time wandering around the desert, trying to figure out what was going on and what to say.

For example, at one point, she was reduced to pointing out a DRONE in the sky . . . quote, "Oh my gosh! Look! There's a DRONE flying around . . . I don't know what that drone is doing." (???)

To Courtney's credit, she admitted to being, quote, "sleep-deprived," and that everything was done, quote, "On the fly . . . there wasn't too much prep for this."

She later Tweeted, quote, "Thanks to [the] peeps who sent nice tweets about the Britney live-stream. Lots of fun and I was winging it big time!"

It's funny how she keeps wondering aloud if she's going to get to talk to Britney. Apparently, she never does.

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