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Paris Hilton's Ridiculous New Music Video

Features a Huge Mound of Pink Cotton Candy, and a Unicorn Under a Rainbow

PARIS HILTON is STILL trying to have a music career.  A video for her new, heavily auto-tuned song "Come Alive" hit YouTube . . . and it's basically like a dream a little girl who wants to be a PRINCESS would have.


This might be a good time to note, Paris is now 33 years old.


She told "E! News" that she wanted it to be, quote, "very magical, ethereal, [and] just very fantasy like."  Which is EXACTLY what it is.  It starts with her running through a field in slow-motion, wearing a bra . . . and what appears to be the bottom half of a wedding dress . . . but with no front, just the back.


Then in the next shot, she's either dressed as an angel or a Las Vegas showgirl.  It's hard to tell.


Then she's back in the half-wedding-dress, sitting on a big, pink, cloud-looking thing.  Which I guess is supposed to be a big cloud of space dust.  But it looks more like 500 pounds of cotton candy.


And finally, she starts petting and caressing a UNICORN directly under a RAINBOW.  So . . . now all she has to do is wait for the Grammys to start rolling in?

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