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Miley Cyrus Decides To Go Nude For Wrecking Ball


After the vulgar, unsexy display MILEY CYRUS put on at the "VMAs", just being naked is actually a breath of fresh air.

And that's how Miley appears in her new video "Wrecking Ball" . . . while riding an actual wrecking ball.

Technically she's not FULLY naked . . . because she's wearing boots.

When Miley IS clothed, she's just wearing panties and a tight, white wifebeater. No bra, of course.

She also spends some time French kissing a sledgehammer.

And while this is almost tame compared to the "VMAs", it still just comes off as a desperate plea for attention . . . something that someone with Miley's TALENT . . . and she DOES have talent . . . (right?!)...shouldn't need to do.

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