Must-See Videos

Even if you don't like the band Slayer , you should check out a YouTube video where a guy rocks the song "War Ensemble" . . . on the UKULELE. Because I guarantee you've never seen a guy play ukulele while headbanging.
A waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas is about to open the world's TALLEST waterslide. It has TWO drops. The first one is 168 FEET, then your momentum takes you over a big bump, and you drop ANOTHER 50 feet. The people testing it strapped a camera to a raft with sandbags inside.
There's a scene in the movie "Her" where JOAQUIN PHOENIX is lying on a bed talking to his computerized girlfriend. And someone noticed that if you watch it sideways, it looks like he has a weird, smiling face on his forehead. The little grin it makes at :27 is the best part. It'...
Dave Glover has some choice words for the "separatists" and the propensity for people to not want to take sides. Here what he has to say, he doesn't pull any punches. And a guest appearance by one, Mark Klose.