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MILEY CYRUS killed her career last night at the VMA's.

Twerking time is over.

The "VMAs" were held last night: . . .

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won Best Video with a Social Message. The song was, "Please Hollywood, Don't Let Ben Affleck Play Batman".

Last night marked the 30th anniversary of the "MTV Video Music Awards": . . .

Which means it's officially old enough to watch itself and go, "What the hell's wrong with Miley Cyrus?!"

If there's any justice in the world . . . any justice at all . . . then MILEY CYRUS killed her career last night at the "MTV Video Music Awards".

Her "performance" was easily one of the most pathetic attempts to appear sexy and "edgy" in the history of human existence. And no, I refuse to admit that's even a slight exaggeration.

Miley came out of a giant teddy bear, wearing trashy teddy bear lingerie, to sing "We Can't Stop". Although the singing itself was pretty poor.

Miley was more interested in sticking out her tongue, twerking, smacking and / or motioning toward her crotch . . . and sticking her nose in the rather large buttocks of a woman onstage.

Then Miley pulled off what little clothes she was wearing, so that she was in nothing but a bra and a very inadequate pair of panties . . . as ROBIN THICKE came out to sing "Blurred Lines".

Unfortunately, Miley didn't leave the stage. She sang WITH Robin. Oh, and she also Twerked against his crotch . . . and rubbed it with one of those foam "Number One" fingers.

2 CHAINZ and KENDRICK LAMAR then came out to join Robin on "Give It 2 U". At that point, Miley was mercifully relegated to the background. But when they did show her, she was still riding that stupid foam finger.

I want to find all the words I can to describe how bad it all was, but the two that keep coming to mind are "sad" and "pathetic".

There are none that tell the tale any better. Miley simply went out there and acted like exactly what she is: A child who has no idea what REALLY makes a woman sexy.

For all the hype surrounding the big 'N SYNC reunion and the performances by LADY GAGA and KATY PERRY, it was Miley who supplied the night's TRULY buzzworthy moment. Everything else paled in comparison.

Here’s the link to the performance….click HERE. 

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