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7,000 People Coordinated to Make a Boy with Leukemia "Batkid" for a Day


We've seen stories before where the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted a kid's wish to be BATMAN for a day. But they SERIOUSLY went all-out on Friday in San Francisco, so this one's getting a LOT more attention.

Miles Scott is a five-year-old from Northern California who's been battling leukemia since he was 18 months old.  Right now he's in remission, and wanted to be "Batkid" for a day.  And Make-A-Wish made it happen.

Miles dressed up as a mini Batman, got to ride in a black Lamborghini that served as a makeshift Batmobile, stopped The Riddler from robbing a bank, and saved a damsel in distress on a cable car.

Then he rescued the San Francisco Giants' mascot from The Penguin, and the mayor presented him with a key to "Gotham City" on the steps of City Hall.

And every step of the way, there were people holding signs, wearing Batkid t-shirts, and cheering him on.  About 7,000 people coordinated to help make it happen.

The "San Francisco Chronicle" even printed a special edition titled the "Gotham City Chronicle" with the headline, "Batkid Saves City," and handed out 1,000 copies.

Miles also got props from basically every ACTOR who's played Batman.  Christian Bale called it "fantastic."  Michael Keaton called it the "cutest thing in the world."  And Adam West said the people of San Francisco did a "wonderful thing."

Val Kilmer posted on Twitter, quote, "Just heard the Riddler is robbing a bank in the financial district.  Hurry."   And the NEXT Batman, Ben Affleck, called Miles the "best Batman ever."

Even President Obama got in on it, and posted a video congratulating him, saying, quote, "Way to go Miles.  Way to save Gotham."

You can follow the hastag #SFBatKid on Twitter to see lots of great photos and video.

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