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The Best Things About Being a Female Astronaut

A #DGS971 List

Sandra Bullock's playing an astronaut in the new movie, "Gravity" . . . so let's take a look at The Best Things About Being a Female Astronaut.


When the G-forces stretch back your face, it's goodbye, crow's feet!

You can be part of a landmark study on how zero gravity affects chronic nagging.

No need for Spanx under one of those baggy spacesuits.

Sometimes when the kids fight over the TV remote or who gets the car, you are LITERALLY a thousand miles away.

An alien bursting from your stomach is the perfect excuse to get a tummy tuck.

In space nobody can hear you scream. So you can watch Ryan Gosling movies ALL DAY LONG!

Thanks to the helmet, nobody knows when you're having a bad hair day.

Everyone's going to be SUPER jealous, when they see you've rewired the radio transmitter in your helmet to receive all your instructions directly from Oprah.

Zero gravity is a fun chance to delight your fellow astronauts by making your stack of Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons float.

Eat all you want! You'll still weigh nothing!

You get to experience making 70% of what male astronauts make.

Space shuttle acoustics are perfect for playing Tori Amos.

You can be in the cosmos while drinking a cosmo and reading "Cosmo".

Duh! You're stuck in space with George Clooney.

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