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Top Things on Satan's To Do List

A #DGS971 List - Photo by PRPhotos.com

They say the Devil's work is never done.  And you'll likely agree after hearing The Top Things on Satan's To Do List.


Tell Stamos to pay up by Friday or he starts aging again.


Make another movie under my alter ego, "Michael Bay."


Exchange beard grooming techniques with Johnny Depp.


Head to Men's Wearhouse for something red and flameproof.


Possess Alec Baldwin.  Give up when nobody notices a change.


Get mistaken for a Target worker.  Damn you, red outfit.


Clear out some room down here for all the obnoxious bosses who use the phrase, "Think outside the box."


Spice things up by making all the TVs in hell show a nonstop loop of Miley Cyrus' Fourth of July concert.


Help Ticketmaster come up with a few more BS fees to tack onto the price of tickets.


Disavow any knowledge of how "Frozen" became such a big hit.


Apologize for making a celebrity out of Russell Brand.


Go down to Georgia, look for soul to steal.  (Way behind on this one.  May have to make a deal.)


Do my daily submersion into the details.

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