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Top Things Overheard at President Obama's Birthday Party

A #DGS971 List - Photo by PRPhotos.com

President Obama turned 53 yesterday.  Hear how the celebration went with The Top Things Overheard at President Obama's Birthday Party.


These servers are great.  And they came cheap.  All I had to do was not act on the immigration crisis. 


No thanks, I'll pass on a second slice of tofu birthday cake.


Donald Trump is requesting proof that it's even your birthday.


It's not that kind of party, Mr. Clinton.  Take your keys out of the bowl.

I can't believe he blew off his own party to play golf.


A pair of jeans from 1986?  That's exactly what I wanted!


How long do you think it'll be before he realizes the standing ovation was sarcastic?


I'd like to make a heartfelt, impromptu speech thanking everyone for coming today.  Now where's my teleprompter?


Thanks for the gifts, everyone.  Praise Allah!  Um, I mean, God bless America!


This party feels like it's going to drag on eight years too long.


This party has already gone three trillion dollars over budget.


I really wish I'd gone to Mitt Romney's party instead.


Whose turn is it to ask John Kerry, "Hey John, why the long face?"

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