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Top Surprising Facts About Belgium

A #DGS971 List - Photo by PRPhotos.com

The U.S. plays Belgium in the World Cup today.  Let's take a look at The Top Surprising Facts About Belgium.


It's whiter than a Mumford & Sons concert in a blizzard.


It's difficult to find on a map because it's so small.  And you're illiterate.


It has a thriving economy because its president is NOT Barack Obama.


It's only a matter of time before Russia annexes it.


They're part of a trade union with Netherlands and Luxembourg called "Benelux."  Or, as it translates into English, "Who gives a crap?"


Belgium is divided into French and Dutch regions.  Which means Belgian people are either arrogant or high.


Their chief export is chic Euro smugness.


The largest electronic dance music festival in the world takes place there.  In other words, Belgium is a country where it's pretty easy to score some E.


Both the Smurfs and Jean-Claude Van Damme are from Belgium, so the country's top export is bad pop culture from the '80s.


Their renowned cuisine includes everything from waffles to . . . well, pretty much waffles.

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