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Top Signs You're Way Too Into "Harry Potter"

A #DGS971 List - Photo by PRPhotos.com

Are you excited about J.K. Rowling posting a new "Harry Potter" short story?  Well, some people are a bit too excited.  Here are The Top Signs You're Way Too Into "Harry Potter".


You know how to pronounce "Hermione."


You ditched the bedroom to sleep in a closet beneath the stairs.


The dwarf in Accounts Receivable just punched you in the crotch after you begged him to introduce you to Warwick Davis.


Screw texting or email.  You only communicate by owl, broheim.


You somehow fail to see any correlation between your lifelong virginity and the "Hogwarts for Life" bumper sticker on your '94 Corolla.


You actually know who Rupert Grint is.


Your junk tested positive for Hogwarts.

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