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Top Signs You're at a Redneck Wedding

A #DGS971 List

It's wedding season . . . and that includes our hillbilly friends.  Here are The Top Signs You're at a Redneck Wedding.


It's the first time you've ever heard "Here Comes the Bride" played with a JUG.


The groom's vows are written on the back of a pack of American Spirit cigarettes.


Nobody writes "Just Married" on the couple's car window because they're illiterate.


It's held in a Church . . . 's Fried Chicken.


The couple is registered at Cracker Barrel.


It's a royal-themed wedding.  As in, it's catered by Burger King.


The only thing on the gift table is an envelope stuffed with Camel Cash.


Most of the reception was captured on a police dashboard cam.


Part of the vows are, " . . . in sickness and in METH."


The rings exchanged?  Onion.


The RSVP asks if you prefer trout or squirrel.

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