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Top Signs You're Listening to a Bad Motivational Speaker

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Have you ever been inspired by a great motivational speaker?  Some can really help improve your life.  But be careful.  Some can really screw you up.  Here are The Top Signs You're Listening to a Bad Motivational Speaker.


He has a Macklemore poster on his wall.


He uses a microphone with a cord instead of one of those really cool headsets.


The only thing he makes eye contact with is your crotch.


His lecture is titled "Learn to Settle".


She tries to interject humor into her speech.  But as we all know, women aren't funny.


He encourages you to reach for the sky.  While pointing a gun.  And asking for your wallet.


Every time he finishes a thought, he looks offstage for his mom's approval.


He tells you not to be afraid of success . . . but to be afraid of the people who will kill you for your money after you succeed.


All she did was hug you and whisper, "Don't worry, I can barely even notice your horrendous acne scars".


Before the speech, you saw him in the men's room changing from his Starbucks uniform.

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