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Top Signs It's Summer

A #DGS971 List - Photo By PRPhotos.com

Spring officially ended on Saturday at 6:51 A.M. Eastern Time.  Here are The Top Signs It's Summer


Miley Cyrus puts sunscreen on her side-boobs.


Rihanna proves that yes, it's possible for her to wear even LESS clothing.


Lemonade stands are going out of business due to new employee healthcare requirements.


You're ready for your kids to go back to school.


The credits of every movie in theaters contain either the words "Michael Bay" or "Marvel."


Americans are running through sprinklers, going camping, building sandcastles and doing everything else they can to avoid watching the World Cup.


Hillary Clinton is cutting off the bottoms of her pantsuits to maximize cankle-cooling.


Your Facebook news feed is filled with photos of people having better vacations than you.


The women who are turning you down are wearing far less clothing.


Parents who want to take their family to Disneyland are at the bank getting a home equity loan.    

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