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Top Reasons You Aren't into the NFL

#1 - You're a Rams fan.

The NFL season kicks off tonight with the Denver Broncos taking on the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. See why you couldn't care less with the Top Reasons You Aren't into the NFL.

They ignored your brilliant request to reinstate Aaron Hernandez and let him murder random players.

You live in Green Bay and there are so many other things to do. Ha! I couldn't keep a straight face.

You never know when you'll get hit in the face by a Tony Romo overthrow.

You're Manti Te'o's girlfriend and it's hard to be into anything when you don't exist.

You think Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth should stop denying their feelings and just DO IT already.

Just listening to Ray Lewis all last year gave you a concussion.

You're not down with its Socialist financial model.

You're following Tim Tebow to the Arena Football League.

You haven't watched since that time you were shanked by an Oakland Raiders fan.

You prefer a league where the athletes make more money . . . so you only watch college football.

All your favorite players are in prison this season.

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