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Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Laptop

A #DGS971 List

In the market for a laptop?  If so, we hope you'll first take a minute to review The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Laptop.


Why am I not just buying an iPad again?


How much time will I spend trying to navigate that stupid little finger pad thing before I just take a hammer to it?


Can it check Facebook and play "Angry Birds"?  Because realistically, it's not going to be used for much more.


Does it emit enough energy to zap my nads and make me infertile?  If so, SOLD!


Will coworkers laugh when I show up with a Commodore 64?


Is it easy to transport?  And by "transport" I mean, "shoplift."


How many sweet Slipknot stickers will fit on it?


Will the aliens be able to use it to read my thoughts, or is that only true for my iPad?


Can I transfer my music and movies easily . . . or will I need to download them illegally all over again?


Does it run on the operating system developed by the nerd in the black turtleneck . . . or the nerd with the bad shaggy haircut?


Will it have enough storage capacity to hold all those family photos I never actually want to look at?

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