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DGS Bumper Music 2-22-18

308         Beck- Where It’s At

327         Beck- Loser

342         Beck- E-Pro

408         Broken Bells- The High Road

427         The Beatles- I Wanna Hold Your Hand

442         Broken Bells- Holding On For Life

508         Foo Fighters- Breakout

527         Foo Fighters- All My Life

542         Foo Fighters- Learn To fly

608         Foo Fighters- Wheels

308 INXS- Listen Like Thieves 327 INXS- Shine Like It Does 342 INXS- Need You Tonight 408 INXS- New Sensation 427...
Dave Gets the Tram Driver Jacket Mark's dream is to drive the tram at Grant's farm. Dave shows up wearing the tram...
308 Jet- Cold Hard Bitch 327 Muse- Time Is Running Out 342 Kings Of Leon- Crawl 408 Jet- Are You Gonna Be My Girl...