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Islamic radicals are once again waging jihad on American soil and President Obama is AWOL. There have been attacks in New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and a charity run for Marines. Among the victims - an eight year old child and a 15-year-old girl. Click here to join Todd's...
Credit: Getty Images Painfully awkward moment when Charlie Rose asked John Oliver about Trevor Noah getting fired from Comedy Central.. I guess Rose was misinformed. Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem- The Fray 522 Cover Of The Rolling Stone- Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show 535 My Only Swerving- El Ten Eleven 548 Welcome To Your Life- Grouplove 610 Rain King- Counting Crows 622 Eileen- Keith Richards 635 Spiralling- Keane 648 Read My Mind...
Credit: Getty Images Yikes, It seems like Hillary has had a small melt down when she screams into the camera, "Why aren't I 50 points head of Trump?' Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images HRC really isn't the best actress, so we're sure there were many takes to get the 'Between Two Ferns' interview to be funny. This must be her desperate ploy to reel in Millennial votes. Watch video below:
Good morning this morning! Don't miss anything Allman with our LIVE cameras runnin': Who's on the show today!? Sneak peak: 648 Adam White 722 Stacy Washington 837 Maria Bartiromo
Australian band The Go Set joins the DGS to talk about their current tour and American accents!
Screengrab via YouTube In this week's Man on the Street, find out how many people know about 3rd parties in this election