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Check out the latest video from Project Veritas and James O'Keefe.
Photo by If you missed the press conference today with the President addressing the VA scandal watch it here:
Photo by Charles Krauthammer: "He acts as if he stumbled upon the Presidency."
Photo by This is a great segment from Conan. People that wear the Google Glass in public do need self-defense because they look ridiculous.
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Dana talks to Nick Searcy about his new movie 5150 Mall Cop
Photo by We had our good friend Nick Searcy on the show today to talk about his new movie 5150 Mall Cop.
Dana talks to Stephen Yates about Boko Haram, Russia and Ukraine, and 2016
Photo by Andy Samberg is not known for his impressions, so on last Saturday's SNL he did a little collection of impressions with Seth Meyers.