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Credit: Annie Frey is your host for “The Annie Frey Show” airing Saturdays from 5p - 7p on FM News Talk 97.1 radio in St. Louis, MO. This On Demand Audio features Annie's conversation with Illinois State Representative Sara Jimenez. Sara describes her...
Elly Maye joins Annie to talk about the queen of pandering, Hillary Clinton. From blacks to hispanics, to women and even dogs ...Hillary has a persona for YOU! Check out this compilation video Elly put together for your viewing pleasure...
Credit: Getty Images Eric Greitens talks to Marc about the Missouri Gubernatorial Race against Chris Koster
Credit: Getty Images Patrick Tuohey from the Show Me Institute talks to Marc about why cities like St. Louis and Kansas City should promote their own competitive advantages rather than trying to be like other cities.
What happens when it's time to get new headshots for The Dave Glover Show? This happens.
Credit: Getty Images Tonya J. Powers from Fox News reports on what really happened with Ryan Lochte