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Credit: Getty Images Foreign policy expert, Jim Carafano , joins Jamie to discuss the acts of terror in New York and New Jersey. Were these acts part of a bigger threat? Probably. But what and how may the threat manifest from here? Hear Jamie and Jim's discussion below:
Credit: Getty Images CNN reporter Ed Lavandera is attacked while reporting on an active protest in North Carolina . He claims the perp later apologized for the aggression but did not give any explanation.
Good morning this morning! Don't miss anything Allman with our LIVE cameras runnin': Who's on the show today!? Sneak peak: 5:22 – Anthem 5:50 – Adam White 6:22 – Lightning Round 6:48 – Jim Carafano 7:22 – Jim Talent 7:37 – Lightning Round 8:10 – Jim Hoft 8:37 – Jesse Watters
Credit: Getty Images Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment talks to Marc about the downward spiral of Obamacare. He says that some people feel paying the penalty is cheaper.