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Credit: Getty Images Chris Arps joins Marc to discuss the debate with callers
Credit: Getty Images Lt. Governor Peter Kinder took issue with Lester Holt's debate moderating. There's a long list of issues Holt could have brought up regarding Hillary's integrity but he did not.
Credit: Getty Images Kelly Clarkson - National Anthem 522 Livin' On The Edge - Aerosmith 535 Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World 548 Weed Party - Band Of Horses 610 Shots - Imagine Dragons 622 Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix 635 Stockholm - Atlas Genius 648 Supermassive Black Hole...
Credit: Getty Images Todd Starnes thinks Trump won the first presidential debate of 2016. A major take away? Lester Holt was letting his bias show through and playing 'gotcha' with only Trump.
Credit: Getty Images Remember in '92 when Ross Perot delivered the infamous "giant sucking sound" comment regarding companies quickly moving across the southern border? Trump with the The New "giant sucking sound" moment:
Credit: Getty Images The first twenty mintues of the debate, Trump came across very well. Even Van Jones' can't deny it:
Credit: Getty Images What's he doing over at CBS? Who won the first presidential debate? Here's what one focus group in Pennsylvania thinks: — CBS News (@CBSNews) September 27, 2016
Credit: Getty Images Is she dancing? Dance it out, Hillary #debatenight #debates — Mashable GIF (@mashablegif) September 27, 2016