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Credit: Getty Images Hans Von Spakovsky from The Heritage Foundation talks to Marc about laws involving transgender bathrooms
Credit: Getty Images Jon Decker from Fox News reports on the President's visit to LA, Trump's immigration stance, Hillary's health, and current polls
Jay Stewart gives his incite on if or if not convicted felons should have the right to vote. Also, Stewart speaks about the three candidates running for POTUS stance on racial tension. Hear the interview below:
Diamond and Silk speak with Jamie on Trump reaching out to the African-American communities. "The more that people hate, the more of an opportunity we have to educate," the sisters said. Hear the interview below:
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about Missouri voters being asked to decide their political fate of Missouri. Also, Greitens goes on the Allman Report to discuss his policies compared to Koster's. Hear the interview below: