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Here is the police report for the recent issue at Mizzou
Credit: Getty Images Jesse Watters has a special edition of Watters World airing this Saturday at 7PM/CST! Jesse hits up Hostra's Debate spin room, heads to Philly for a serious look at drugs, crime and poverty and attends a Kanye West concert. At the Kanye concert he attempts...
Credit: Getty Images Sen. Jim Talent joins the show to discuss the first Presidential debate of 2016. Senator T says it's like watching the first game of the playoffs: both teams have adjustments to make.
Credit: Getty Images WVUE reports on jerk students not taking a knee and police not wanting to volunteer their time at games. Can you blame them? FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social
Credit: Getty Images In 1969 Hillary Clinton left college and started a job for $14K/year. That's a TON of money back then. Will anyone call her on her elitism and disconnect with reality?!