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Here is the police report for the recent issue at Mizzou
Credit: Getty Images Jesse Watters has a special edition of Watters World airing this Saturday at 7PM/CST! Jesse hits up Hostra's Debate spin room, heads to Philly for a serious look at drugs, crime and poverty and attends a Kanye West concert. At the Kanye concert he attempts...
Credit: Getty Images Sen. Jim Talent joins the show to discuss the first Presidential debate of 2016. Senator T says it's like watching the first game of the playoffs: both teams have adjustments to make.
Credit: Getty Images WVUE reports on jerk students not taking a knee and police not wanting to volunteer their time at games. Can you blame them? FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports, Social
Credit: Getty Images In 1969 Hillary Clinton left college and started a job for $14K/year. That's a TON of money back then. Will anyone call her on her elitism and disconnect with reality?!
Credit: Getty Images Gary Johnson (not his real name) needs to stop getting high before these TV appearance. Matthew's asks him to name is favorite foreign leader. He can't... Gary Johnson had an "Aleppo moment" after @hardballchris asks who his favorite foreign leader is #...