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Dana talks to Lachlan Markay about Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber's comments that American's are too stupid.
AC/DC: Money Talks, Judas Priest: You Got Another Thing Comin, Alice Cooper: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Beastie Boys: Sabotage, Big Audio Dynamite: E=MC2, Catherine Wheel: Sparks Gonna Fly, The Allman Brothers: Ramblin Man, Jack White: Sixteen Saltines, Motorhead: I got Mine, Ain't...
Dana talks to Mark Owen, former Navy Seal and #1 best selling author of No Easy Day, about transitioning to civilian life.
This is the audio that we started the show with today. Happy Veterans day.
AC DC: Thunderstruck, Money Talks, TNT, Metallica: Don't Tread On Me, P.O.D.: Boom, Queens Of The Stone Age: I Sat By The Ocean, The Allman Brothers: Ramblin' Man, Andrew WK: She Is Beautiful, Arcade Fire: Rebellion, The Clash: Train In Vain, Prince: Little Red Corvette, David...
Dana talks to Stephen Yates about the new Attorney General and net neutrality.