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Here is the report that Marc spoke about for the MSA
Holy cow, get a load of this kid! He's kicking butt and taking names against the baseless liberal protestors. Notice how the protestors continue to spew the company line? And when he challenges them, they don't have a response! Keep on keepin' on, kid. You rock. Minority Kid...
The 97.1 crew and other special DGS regulars banded together to make a behind the scenes retrospective featured at #DGSLive of Dave Glover and The Dave Glover Show. Watch the video below!
A huge thank you to the amazing crowd that came out for DGS Live! at the Wildey Theater in Edwardsville on Thursday night. We had a blast and hope you did, too! Check out photos from the event HERE !
Credit: Getty Images Maria Bartiromo speaks with Jamie about Clinton's attempts to throw Trump off message with issues like Miss Universe and the birtherism comment. "Trump's economical plan is very sound and very strong, while Clinton's message is not as strong and not cohesive...
Credit: Getty Images Stacy Washington discusses Radical Islamic Terrorism and gives us a small history lesson on Sharia Law. Listen to interview below: