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Notice he never actually apologizes for the comments. He also doesn't apologize for being offensive... just for possibly making some people uncomfortable. Yep, you sure did Don. The original interview is VERY uncomfortable. Here's the apology: And the incident:
Dana talks to Missouri's Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder about his no vote for $100,000 investigation using tax payer dollars
Rush: Fly By Night, In This Moment: Call Me, Metallica: Don't Tread On Me, AC DC: Money Talks, David Bowie : Queen Bitch, Big Audio Dynamite: E=MC2, Vast: Free, The Allman Brothers: Jessica, Elastica: Stutter, Wang Rong Rollin: Chick Chick, Snow Patrol: Tiny Little Fractures,...
Here is that crazy chicken song that Dana was talking about today on the show.
The Raveonettes: Love In A Trashcan, The Zombies : She's Not There, Tones On Tail : Go, Ministry : Lay Lady Lay, Judas Priest: You Gotta Another Thing Coming, David Bowie : Queen Bitch, Alice Cooper: No More Mr. Nice Guy, The Beastie Boys: Sabotage, Motorhead: I Got Mine, Big...
Dana talks to Stephen Yates about the latests with ISIS and the G20 summit
Check out this video of Darren Wilson leaving for the hospital on August 9th after the Michael Brown shooting.