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Credit: Getty Images Jay Stewart speaks about Evan McMullin, the conservative independent that is running for PotUS. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about polling in the statewide election and the 12% of people who are undecided with only six weeks left until the Presidential election. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images The Gateway Pundit talks with Jamie about Julian Assange's threat to HRC saying his next wiki leak will ensure her arrest. Also, he talks about the variety of people voting for Trump around the U.S. including an Amish community coming to a Pennsylvania rally...
Credit Getty Images Trump's newest ad targets Hillary on why she is not 50 points ahead. Well, I think we all know why's because you're lyin all the time!
Credit: Getty Images Trump pleads with voters to go to local polling places during Election day and make sure they keep a watchful eye out for election fraud. Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images A secret recording of Clinton implying that Sander's supporters are basement-dwellers has surfaced in the media. Shortly after, HRC cancels Bernie events after making horrible comments. The truth is, Clinton has no policy that reflects on how to help young...
Credit: Getty Images Rudy Giuliani breaks down tax returns and how Trump could have legally avoided paying taxes for 18 years. Watch video below: