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AC/DC: Thunderstruck, Money Talks Metallica: Don’t Tread On Me Judas Priest: You Got Another Thing Comin David Bowie: Queen Bitch T-Rex: Bang A Gong CCR: Fortunate Son Violent Femmes: Blister In The Sun Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever R.E.M.: What's The Frequency, Kenneth? The...
Dana talks to Steven Crowder about Lena Dunham, the catcalling video, and midterms.
AC/DC: Money Talks, TNT, Metallica: Don’t Tread On Me, Judas Priest: You Got Another Thing Comin, POD: Boom, Alice Cooper: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Andrew WK: Party Hard, Beastie Boys: Sabotage, Big Audio Dynamite: E=MC2, Catherine Wheel: Sparks Gonna Fly, Rush: Fly By Night