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Marc Cox talks to Stephen Yates about foreign policy with Israel and ISIS
Fiorina breaks into the top ten...and kicks it in an interview with the Washington examiner in Oklahoma: Also interviewed by Katie Couric:
Scott Walker and Dana talk about how the media has grossly misinterpreted quotes from their previous interview.
ABC's Cecilia Vega: One of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Was Considered So Sensitive It Is Now Classified. SE Cupp on This Week (with Jon Karl): Republicans and Dems ‘Way Too Scared’ of Hillary than They Need To Be. FNC's Jim Rosen to Marie Harf: Do You Feel You Are ‘Forced to Serve...
Dana talks to Rick Perry about the President's comments on climate change, ISIS, and a fun lightning round!
Army On The Dance Floor - Machine/Juggernaut/Lightning Strike Blur - Girls and Boys Queen - We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You Santigold feat. Spankrock - Shove It AC/DC - Thunderstruck/Money Talks Metallica - Don't Tread On Me Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Coming...