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Arcade Fire: Modern Man, Beck: Modern Guilt, The Scorpions: Rock You Like A Hurricane, Black Sabbath: Neon Knights, David Bowie: Queen Bitch, Blue Oyster Cult: Don't Fear The Reaper, ZZ Top: I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide, Deep Purple: Smoke on The Water, Steve Miller: Rock 'N Me...
Dana talks to Stephen Yates about the latest with ISIS and Egypt.
The Rolling Stones: Get Off Of My Cloud, Satisfaction, Under My Thumb, The Black Keys: She's Long Gone, Queen: Another One Bites The Dust, Yes: Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Arcade Fire: Modern Man, Beck: Modern Guilt, Golden Earring: Twilight Zone, Judas Priest: You've Got Another...
Dana talks to Bob Hall, of the Texas Senate, about grid protection
Another highlight from the SNL 40th anniversary show. I am big fan of Bill Murray and I was afraid he was not going to make it on the show last night.
I thought Steve Martin was very funny in this open, but he was one of the few highlights of the night. I thought this show was a disaster and they should have done a better job with all of the talent they had last night.