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Bill Maher has been made some comments about Islam lately that make sense, but I think he is completely wrong about what he said about the movie American Sniper.
Dana talks to Steven Crowder about Harry Reid and Muslim beards.
Dana talks to Chris Cheng about Paris as well as women shooters from SHOT Show.
Ted Nugent: Great White Buffalo, Cat Scratch Fever, The Rolling Stones: Paint It Black, Under My Thumb, T Rex: Get It On, Arcade Fire: Modern Man, Beck: Modern Guilt, The Black Keys: She's Long Gone, Your Touch, I'm Howlin' For You, Lonely Boy, REM: What's The Frequency Kenneth
Dana talks to Ted Nugent from SHOT Show. Photo by
Dana talks to Doug Bourdo with from SHOT Show
Metallica: Hit The Lights, Seek and Destroy, Jump In The Fire, Battery, Don't Tread On Me, The Allman Brothers: Jessica, Midnight Rider, AC DC: Money Talks, Led Zeppelin: Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Ramble On, Communication Breakdown