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I was sent this video from Dana to play on the show today and I was confused on what the hell I was watching. This is one of the worst campaign ads I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them working in this job.
President Obama is hopeful that John Kerry can make a deal with the Russians to avoid a strike on Syria.
Bev Randles came on the show today to talk about all of the craziness that happened last night with the Gun Bill and HB 253. For more info on Bev and her group click here .
MO Speaker of The House Tim Jones came on the show today to talk about the failure of the override of the veto of HB 253.
So a lot happened yesteray in Jeff City. We will see what happens on election day here in Missouri. Take a look at this video via KMBC News:
Bernie Herpin came on the show today to talk about his victory in Colorado last night. For more info on Bernie click here
Here are some of Anthony Weiner's craziest campaign moments:
Steven Bucci from the Heritage Foundation came on the show to talk about Benghazi and the President's speech from last night. Click here if you like to find out more about him.