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Bob Costas says that the name Redskins is a racial slur and that it needs to be changed.
Led Zeppelin: Black Dog, Immigrant Song, Since I've Been Loving You, Rock and Roll Ted Nugent: Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever Mountain: Mississippi Queen Rick Derringer: Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo Blue Oyster Cult: Don't Fear The Reeper Jimi Hendrix: Stone Free Thin Lizzy:...
Steven Crowder joins us to talk about Obamacare and elderly people.
Boehner: 'If Ands and Buts Were Like Candy and Nuts, Everyday Would Be Christmas'
Yesterday after the Dana Show a number of things were closed because of the government shutdown.
Rep. Todd Rokita joins us to talk about the government shutdown
The Hives: Tick Tick Boom, I Hate to Say I Told You So Muse: Hysteria U2: Vertigo, Sunday Bloody Sunday Johnny Cash: Man in Black, One Piece of A Time, I Won't Back Down Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks AC DC: High Voltage, Fire Your Guns Middle Class Rut: New Low
Dana discusses Callista Gingrich's new book for children and also discusses the government shutdown with Newt Gingrich.
Dana was on Hannity last night to talk about the government Shutdown with Mark Hannah.