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Take a look at this video that we were talking about on the show today. Would you intervene if a man was being attacked by a woman? Click here for the link to the video
We talked about this story during Florida Man today. How do you not notice all of these bees. Click here for the link and the photo.
The website didn't work, but Nancy Pelosi says Obamacare Is beautiful.
Photo by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal went on Face The Nation this Sunday after the shooting in Santa Barbara to push his mental health and anti-gun legislation.
We played this audio in the first segment of the show. Ricardo Martinez blames "craven politicians" and the NRA for his son's death.
Photo by Motorhead: Iron Fist Them Crooked Vultures: Mind Eraser, No Chaser Raveonettes: Heart of Stone Beck: E-Pro The Black Keys: I Got Mine Ted Nugent: Cat Scratch Fever, Free For All, Dog Eat Dog, Stranglehold The Kills: Sour Cherry The Stooges: Search And...
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Photo by We started the show today with this video from Jimmy Kimmel's lie witness news. They asked people on the street this question: Considering Godzilla is based on the true story of the giant lizard attack on Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people in 1954,...
Photo by In my mind this is the perfect song for Memorial Day.