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VP Joe Biden back when he was Sen. Joe Biden said that he would impeach George W. Bush for a military strike without congressional authorization.
The Cars: Just What I Needed, Since You're Gone, Good Times Roll, Tonight She Comes Metric: Youth Without Youth Jimi Hendrix: Fire, Purple Haze Waylon Jennings: Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way, Lonesome On'ry, and Mean The Scorpions: The Zoo, No One Like You, Rock You Like A...
Texas Gov. Rick Perry came on The Dana Show to discuss taxes in Texas vs. Missouri.
A lot of people do not think that this is a big deal, but with all of the negative crap that has been happening with teens lately it is nice to see a positve story for once.
We played this song during headlines, so here is the video to Kim Jong Un's former girlfriend that he had executed.
Well at least he is not announcing when we are gong to attack this time:
Dana made a montage about Miley Cyrus on the Soup last night:
Tom Petty: American Girl, Breakdown, I Need to Know, Running Down A Dream, Mary Jane's Last Dance Snow Patrol: Tiny Little Fractures Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride and Joy The Scorpions: The Zoo, Rock You Like a Hurricane, No One Like You Talk Talk: It's My Life Ministry: Lay Lady Lay
Former Sen. Jim Talent came on the show today to talk about Syria.