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Credit: Getty Images After suspicious absentee ballots in the Hubbard/Franks race, there is a new election today.
Credit: Getty Images The MADA filed a lawsuit against Tesla for franchising themselves. Tesla plans on appealing the decision.
Credit: Getty Images A Constitution Expert from The Heritage Foundation explains the myths about the Constitution on Constitution Day.
Credit: Vanderbilt University distributed this poster around campus to address the proper ways to address one another. We're talking about this right off the bat today, so comment below or Tweet @tonycolombo971 with your thoughts. Listen live now, click here ...
Credit: Getty Images "Catholics for Choice" is running full-page newspaper ads in several states targeting Catholic voters, claiming abortion is a "Catholic social justice value" and urging voters to support abortion & taxpayer funding for it.
Credit: Getty Images Jeff Monosso from Fox News reports on a boy who was shot by police in Ohio. The boy pulled a BB gun from his waistband looking identical to police service weapons. The officer is now on paid leave.