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Here is the President's speech on Syria from last night in 3 minutes.
So there are many montages of the attack on 9/11, but there are not any that work for radio so I decided to make my own. We played it at the top of the show, so if you wanted to listen to it again here it is on our page.
The guys from Asymmetric Solutions came on the show today to talk about their event tomorrow (Wednesday) for Camp Hope and their facilities. Click here for more info on Asymmetric Solutions.
Led Zeppelin: Over The Hills and Far Away, Black Dog, Immigrant Song, Tangerine Lovin' Spoonful: Do You Believe in Magic Link Wray: Deuces Wild, Rumble, Ace of Spades The Toadies: Tyler, BackSlider, I Come From The Water T Rex: Jeepster
This looks like a good idea because nothing bad has ever happened with a Zeppelin.
So, I am sure a lot of you have seen the epic twerk fail video of this girl that falls on her table and catches on fire. So apparently the video was a fake done by Jimmy Kimmel and his crew. Take a look at this video:
MO Speaker Tim Jones came on the show to talk about the progress of HB 253.
So Syria has gone from a quick military action to hey, we better think about this strike.
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Jean Genie, Heroes The Clash: Janie Jones, Career Opportunities The Ramones: I Wanna Live, Rockaway Beach The Rolling Stones: She's So Cold, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, Monkey Man Motorhead: Ain't My Crime