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Credit: Getty Images Jared Halpern from Fox News reports on the state of the election eight weeks out
Credit: Getty Images John Malcolm, legal expert for The Heritage Foundation, talks to Marc about Sen. Schumer reveals his goals to "pack the courts with progressives"
Credit: Screengrab via Youtube Chris Arps talks to Marc about Hillary's illness and her comments on Hillary calling Trump's supporters deplorable.
Credit: Getty Images CNN's Wolf Blitzers demands Pence label David Duke a "deplorable". Then Pence uses the term and main stream media can turn, point and declare Pence's language just as divisive as Hillary's. Pence doesn't take the bait.
Credit: Getty Images Between the fainting and the falsly accusing, Hillary Clinton has been a busy lady. Although Doug Giles can do a helluva impression, he's had enough. "I say shoot that lady a middle finger, vote for Trump and pray for the best," says Giles. Hear Jamie and...
Credit: Getty Images Rep. Chaffetz issues a subpoena to the FBI for full access to Hillary Clinton's probe records . Judge Napolitano says that's completely legal. Will the information be issued and if so, then what? Hear Jamie and the Judge discuss below: