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Sean Penn thinks that Ted Cruz is mentally ill And that he should be committed. Why can't he just go back to being Jeff Spicoli?
Alyene Senger from the Heritage Foundation came on the show to discuss the problems with Obamacare and the Obamacare website with Stacy Washington.
Kathleen Sebelius today at the Obamacare website hearing said that she wants to be held accountable and that she is responsible for the Obamacare website fiasco.
Dana calls in from Houston, Texas to discuss the Obamascare All Tricks and No Treats event for AFP with Stacy Washington. Click here if you would like the info on the event.
Rep. John Shimkus joins us to talk about energy, Obamacare, and Immigration
Former Congressman Joe Walsh talks about Obamacare, Benghazi, Kathleen Sebelius and 2014 elections
We were told that we will be able to keep the same healthcare plan under Obamacare, but the truth is actually coming out from the administration.