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Screenshot via YouTube We're loving this guy, but please, PLEASE don't try this at home. Arts & Crafts with Uncle Rob: The fastest way to cook a baked potato:
Credit: Getty Images It's bad enough watching the NFLer's openly disrespect our anthem. Now, Todd Starnes is reporting on a high school in Washington state who's football coach is following suit and bring his players down with him . Hear Jamie and Todd discuss this story and...
Credit: Getty Images The United States government has "mistakenly" granted citizenship to over 800 immigrants who were scheduled to be deported. Donald Trump says we need to fix our immigration system and part of that plan is simply enforcing the laws we have, is he wrong?
Good morning this morning (you bunch o' drunks)! Watch Jamie Allman work his radio magic all morning long on our LIVE stream video. See Katie Bailey runnin' the board and queeny Denys Schaefer keeping St. Louisian's informed: Who's on the show today!? 5:50 – Todd Starnes 7:22 –...
Jay Ashcroft, candidate for Secretary of State in Missouri, talks to Marc about Voter ID