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Credit: Getty Images Missouri GOP Grassroots director Brittany Wagner and Marc discuss the pros of Donald Trump's newly released child care plan.
Credit: Getty Images Brittany Wagner gives a Millennial's perspective on Trump's new Child-Care Policy Plan and how it could be beneficial for everyone. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Annette Read has the keys to Trump's new office! Flyer with information about Trump's new office below:
Darrell Castle speaks with Jamie about his campaign. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Genevieve Wood speaks to Jamie about how Trump's economic plan correlates with his Child-Care Policy Plan. Hear the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Watch FULL Donald Trump announcement for Child-Care Plan below:
Credit: Getty Images When CBS interviewed Bill Clinton about Hillary's health, they edited out a verbal slip that could have caused alarm for Hillary's illness. Watch video below: