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Credit: Getty Images Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America talks to Marc about Security, CCW, Gun Ban Treaty and more.
Credit: Getty Images Rich Edson from Fox News talks to Marc about the public option.
Today on the DGS...Rachel's back! Pat McGonigle in to host. Joined by Brian Kilmeade and Frank Cusumano and the usual shenanigans. And what kept Tony Colombo up ALL NIGHT?
Credit: Getty Images Tonya J. Powers from Fox News talks to Marc about the shootout with a suspect in the NJ/NY explosions
Tom Twellman from speaks with Jamie about a charity golf tournament happening Sept. 27th , 2016. Registration for event happens Tuesday, Sept. 27th at 9:30 am and doors open for event at 11:00 am. For information, please look at flyer below: For more information,...
Credit: "If you are an established candidate and can't figure out a way to engage your new energized voter on the far left or far right then you're probably not going to make it through this cycle," Boyd said. Hear the interview below:
Jim Hoft speaks with Jamie about Priebus Warning Kasich, Bush, Cruz about being blocked out in future runs for lying about supporting Trump. Hear the interview below: For more from the Gateway Pundit: 1.) Bombs in NYC and Hillary Clinton Looks Like She’s Going to Pass out on...
Patriotism is under fire in Western Michigan. The OK Conference, representing 50 schools, has announced a crackdown on fans chanting, “USA” at football games. They are also implementing strict rules on flags and political banners. Click here to join Todd’s American Dispatch: a...