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Credit: Getty Images You know the main stream media is anticipating the return of queen Hillary after her recent run in with "pneumonia". Now Trump is taking to Dr. Oz to clear up any confusion about his health. Fox New's Shannon Bream joins Jamie this morning to discuss:
Credit: Getty Images Hillary Clinton released a new book and no one seems to care. The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie to discuss:
Ballwin police officer, Mike Flamion, was shot and subsequently paralyzed during a traffic stop. Now the community is coming together to raise funds for Officer Flamion and his family. Ballwin Officer Mike Dahm and Detective Scott Stephens join Jamie this morning to discuss this...
CREDIT: Getty Images Wishful thinking? Ha, easy now. This ABC affliate in NYC delivers breaking news of Clinton's death . She's still very much alive, therefore, this is embarrassing:
Credit: Getty Images Recent reports of a Syrian ceasefire and US/Russian agreement leave many-an-average American a bit confused. Jim Carafano joins Jamie on a special day to provide clarity and food for thought. Hear their interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Hillary Clinton has taken money from many, at home and abroad, so it shouldn't be a surprise that some of those foreign entities were less than in line with American values. This woman couldn't be any more of a lying hypocrite if she tried. Read: Hillary’s...