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Credit: Getty Images John Henderson from The Range talks to Marc about the Constitutional Carry bill in MO
Credit: Getty Images During his visit to Flint, Michigan, Donald Trump is interrupted by a pastor who thinks he should stop talking about Clinton . We think he handled this well for being interrupted mid-thought. "Okay," he says. Check it out:
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - The Band Perry 522 Count On Me- Jefferson Starship 535 All That You Dream- Linda Ronstadt 548 My Own Worst Enemy- Lit 610 Airplanes- Local Natives 622 The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box- Modest Mouse 635 Punching In A Dream- The Naked and...
Credit: Getty Images You'd think Williams would learn after his lengthy-lie suspension but apparently not. Hear him laud President Obama's communication skills in the interview below:
The minister of a Methodist church made national headlines after she scolded Donald Trump for injecting politics into a campaign stop. The Rev. Faith Green Timmons came on stage and stopped Trump in the middle of his remarks at Bethel United Methodist Church. Click here to join...