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Credit: Getty Images John Henderson from The Range talks to Marc about the Constitutional Carry bill in MO
Credit: Getty Images During his visit to Flint, Michigan, Donald Trump is interrupted by a pastor who thinks he should stop talking about Clinton . We think he handled this well for being interrupted mid-thought. "Okay," he says. Check it out:
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - The Band Perry 522 Count On Me- Jefferson Starship 535 All That You Dream- Linda Ronstadt 548 My Own Worst Enemy- Lit 610 Airplanes- Local Natives 622 The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box- Modest Mouse 635 Punching In A Dream- The Naked and...
Credit: Getty Images You'd think Williams would learn after his lengthy-lie suspension but apparently not. Hear him laud President Obama's communication skills in the interview below:
The minister of a Methodist church made national headlines after she scolded Donald Trump for injecting politics into a campaign stop. The Rev. Faith Green Timmons came on stage and stopped Trump in the middle of his remarks at Bethel United Methodist Church. Click here to join...
A Michigan school district called the historic “Betsy Ross” flag a symbol of hate and profusely apologized after students displayed the flag at a recent high school football game. “To wave a historical version of our flag, that to some symbolizes exclusion and hate, injects...
Credit: Getty Images Session is over and Missourian's have questions. Voter ID overriden? New gun legislation making it legal to carry without a permit? Jones has answers the these questions and more in the interview below:
Screenshot via Steven. G. Bailey is a candidate for Missouri's 1st congressional district. He stopped by the studio today to discuss his campaign goals and vision for the city of St. Louis. Hear his interview with Jamie below: