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Dana talks to Jared Ogden, former Navy Seal and Director of Operations for Asymmetric Solutions, about the Jake Tapper interview with Marcus Luttrell.
Dana talks to Stephen Yates about Israel's former Prime Minister, actions in Senate on sanctions in Iran, and Bridgegate
I enjoyed hearing Marcus Luttrell's answers in this interview. I have never been in combat or served in a special operations unit, so my opinion does not have much credit here. I will say that I agree with Marcus that they did not die for nothing. They went and did their job...
Check out this trailer to the film Bankrupt. We had Ben Howe, the Director & Executive Producer on the show today to talk about the film and when it will be released to the public.
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Dana talks to Steven Crowder about the cursing toddler and Lena Dunham getting naked.
Here is the full video of the Omaha Toddler swearing. Just a warning because the content of this video is not for all ages.
Mayor Slay doesn't care where we get the money, but he wants the side streets plowed.