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Annie Frey is your host for “The Annie Frey Show” airing Saturdays from 5p - 7p on FM News Talk 97.1 radio in St. Louis, MO. This On Demand Audio features Annie talking with Illinois State Rep. Avery Bourne about the road blocks that are creating gridlock in Illinois and what...
Credit:David Becker /Getty Images "The content was just so fascinating, I loved it:" David Wood on "Hail to the Chief" by John Leslie. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Volker Hartmann/Getty Images "Merkel is playing to the homeland and the national interest in this wave of immigrants" says Fox News Correspondent Greg Palkot. Listen to interview below:
Credit:Christopher Furlong /Getty Images $1.4 Billion dollars from taxpayers likely needed for new Metrolink expansion plans. "There's no chance that raising parking fees alone will build this new extension" says policy analyst Graham Renz. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Steve Pope /Getty Images Brigitte Gabriel says "Of Course" the Democrats will oppose Donald Trump's plans to eliminate illegal immigrants from the US, because they are looking for votes. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images William J. Kelly aka Citizen Kelly joins Marc to discuss the so-called "fake news" websites as well as the irony in Brian Williams being concerned with fake news. Listen to interview below: